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Parents' Toolkit

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The school has produced comprehensive information booklets covering everything from uniforms, bell times, late notes and medicines to how to arrange interviews with teachers. There are two booklets, which you can download and search:

Information Kit for Kindergarten Parents (PDF - 434K)

Information Kit for Years 1-6 (PDF - 405K)

Below is a summary of key information, with information arranged alphabetically by subject:

If you child cannot attend school you are required by law to explain your child’s absence. Please provide a note on your child’s return to school stating the date/s and reasons for their absence.

Our fabulous, healthy canteen is parent run. The menu is based on the NSW School Canteen Fresh Tastes at School Strategy. See 'Canteen' menu for more info and full price list.

Class parents
The P&C runs a Class Parent Scheme to facilitate the partnership between teachers, parents and students and support our children’s education. Each class has at least one class parent.

Early departure
If you need to collect your child early you must first present to the front office to sign your child out. Your child will receive an Early Departure note which you must present to the teacher.

The NSW Department of Education website has information about enrolment policy, including enrolment forms. Please contact our Principal to discuss out of area enrolments.

Financial difficulties
If your family faces financial difficulties that make payment of school fees, music fees, excursions etc difficult please phone the principal for a confidential discussion to help find a workable solution.

Head lice
Head lice is now common in many primary schools. NSW Health has excellent information on how to identify, treat and prevent head lice.

Interviews with teachers/principal
Please call the school to organise a time to talk to your child’s teacher or the principal, through the front office. Or contact your teacher direct.

Late notes
If your child is late you need to go to the office before they go to class and get a Late Note to give to their teacher.

Students attend library weekly. They borrow books and need a cloth or heavy plastic bag for this purpose, with the name and class written on it. Ferncourt encourages children to take part in the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Children are not allowed to bring medicines to school in their bags. If your child needs to take medicine during school hours it must be handed to our dedicated First Aid Officer (Ms Roth, School Assistant). You will need to sign necessary forms to enable proper administration.

Outside school hours care and vacation care
For information about before and after school care and vacation care at Ferncourt, which is run by Marrickville Council, phone 9558 0776.  During school time this service operates before school from 7-9am and after school from 3-6pm.

Peer Support
Every child at Ferncourt is organised into a colour group which includes children from Kindergarten to Year 6. The group is led by two Year 6 students who have been trained to lead the group, under the supervision of a teacher. Kids take part in fun activities that aim to develop a supportive environment across the school. See also 'Buddies' menu.

A report is provided on your child’s progress in June and December. Formal parent/teacher interviews are conducted in June. Other state and national tests are also conducted, for example NAPLAN in Years 3 and 5.

Rewards system
Students are rewarded with BUGS (Basic Unit of Goodness!) by teachers to recognise and reinforce student achievement. These are signed and dated. Children collect the bugs and trade them for gold certificates. Depending upon how many they get this leads to a principal’s award, pennant, silver then gold star and a school medal. See 'BUGS' menu for more detail.

School fees
Like most schools in NSW, Ferncourt asks parents to make an annual school contribution. This covers general stores used within the classroom, photocopying and printing. We spend around $30,000 on stores a year and $25,000 on photocopying and printing. In 2010 the contribution was $80 a child and slightly less for each subsequent child.

School hours
9.25am (playground supervision from 9am) to 3.25pm, Monday to Friday. Lunch 11.30-12.30pm, afternoon recess 2-2.20pm. See 'Bell Times' menu.

School song and pledge
The school has a School Song and Pledge. See the 'About our School' menu.

Scripture is held on Thursday mornings. Ferncourt currently offers Catholicism, Greek Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish and Buddhism. Scripture is not compulsory. Students not attending scripture are cared for at school. In 2010 Ferncourt was a pilot school for the teaching of ethics as an option to scripture.

Sickness/Sick Bay
If your child is sick or injured at school, the school will administer First Aid and make a considered decision about contacting you, or if you are not available, your nominated emergency contact.

NSW primary schools are organised into stages. They are:
Early Stage 1 – Kindergarten
Stage One – Years 1 and 2
Stage Two – Years 3 and 4
Stage Three – Years 5 and 6

Sporting Houses
There are three sporting houses – Holt (yellow), Wardell (red) and Moore (blue).

Term/holiday dates
The NSW Department of Education website has dates for school terms and school holidays.

Our school uniform comprises a yellow (midas) top with a royal blue bottom (trousers, shorts or skort). See what it looks like here. There is an optional girl’s dress and skort. The sports uniform includes dark blue shorts. All children are required to wear a hat when outside. Black shoes and white socks are recommended. A school back pack and library bag is available. The P&C sends home order forms each term. See 'Uniforms' menu for more detail.

A white music shirt for the music program is also available through the school.

Please label all items. Lost property is placed inside the back door of the Administration Building (Block A). 

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